Tokyo police arrest 8 Nepalese and Vietnamese over violent brawl

Japanese police have arrested eight Nepalese and Vietnamese men in connection with a violent brawl in Tokyo last year.

Police said on Thursday that the men were arrested on allegations that include inflicting injury.

Bui Trung Thanh from Vietnam and Subedi Ramesh from Nepal are among the arrested.

Police say Bui has admitted to the allegations, while the others have denied or partially denied them.

In October, a group of Nepalese men and a group of Vietnamese men got into a quarrel at a ramen noodle shop in Toshima Ward. Four people were injured, including a man who got stabbed in the arm with a knife.

Police say the row escalated into a violent brawl outside the shop with more members of the groups joining in, and they struck each other using umbrellas and other items and hurled beer bottles.