NATO talks on Ukraine set to focus on German-made tanks

Eyes around the world will soon turn to Germany where defense chiefs with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization are set to meet. The Friday talks will once again focus on help for Ukraine. And this time the main topic is tanks.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said, in Davos, that Russia's aggression must fail.

Scholz said, "That is why we are continuously supplying Ukraine with large quantities of arms in close consultation with our partners. This includes air defense systems like IRIS-T or Patriot Artillery and armored infantry fighting vehicles."

But Scholz declined to say whether Germany will allow its Leopard-2 battle tanks to be sent to Ukraine.

They are the go-to tanks for about 20 countries. Poland and Finland have already announced they want to provide the tanks to Ukraine but Germany can veto the move.

Scholz suggested Tuesday that he would be willing to allow the move under certain conditions. It follows some US prodding, as Washington seems concerned about a spring offensive from Russia.

Ahead of Friday's gathering, Germany's new defense minister will host his US counterpart to discuss the issue.