Egg prices soar in Japan amid record bird flu outbreak

The price of eggs has more than doubled in some places in Japan amid an unprecedented spread of bird flu across the country. Japan has culled more than 10 million birds as of Tuesday last week -- a record high for a single season.

The surging cost of feed triggered by Russia's invasion of Ukraine has also caused egg prices to soar.

One supermarket chain in Gunma Prefecture purchases eggs from local poultry farms. It says the egg shortage has caused prices to soar 30 to 40 percent compared to usual years.

It sells a pack of ten medium-size eggs for 298 yen, or about 2.3 dollars -- nearly 2.5 times higher than a year ago.

Egg prices had long been more stable than other commodities.

A customer at the supermarket said she uses eggs every day, so the higher price really hurts the family budget.

Nakajima Daiki, who is responsible for egg purchases at the supermarket, says he's never experienced egg prices rising so high in such a short span before.