Study: Greenland warmest in 1,000 years

New data revealed that average temperatures in Greenland this century are the warmest in the past 1,000 years due to the effects of global warming.

A research team led by the Germany-based Alfred Wegener Institute announced its findings in the science journal Nature on Wednesday.

The team analyzed Greenland's ice sheet in the central and northern parts of the island to examine changes in temperatures from more than 1,000 years ago through 2011.

Researchers found that average temperatures from 2001 to 2011 were 1.5 degrees Celsius higher than in the 20th century.

Experts say the melting of Greenland's ice sheet would significantly raise global sea levels.

The research team says the study shows "anthropogenic influence" has reached central and northern Greenland, and it might further accelerate the overall loss of mass in Greenland's ice sheet.