World Economic Forum kicks off in Davos

Politicians, business leaders, academics and activists are weighing in on global issues from a resort town in the Swiss Alps. They have descended on Davos for the World Economic Forum.

Some attendees worry globalization is under siege. They have gathered under the theme "Cooperation in a Fragmented World." Many are using the word "polycrisis" to refer to a cluster of global emergencies: recession, climate change, and the invasion of Ukraine.

Ukraine's first lady says some leaders have failed to use their influence to help stop the fighting. Olena Zelenska says, if her country loses, the war could ignite wider crises.

Zelenska said, "How does the world expect to reach climate neutrality if it can't even stop the burning down of whole Ukrainian cities?"

She added that, in the war, there are no days off. However, she encouraged leaders to come together, saying their unity "brings peace back."