School opens in Indonesia to train workers for Japan

A Japanese firm has opened a vocational school in the Indonesian capital, Jakarta, to send more workers to Japan.

The opening ceremony was held with government officials from both countries.

Indonesians will learn the Japanese language, nursing and other skills for free for about six months. After the program, students who pass an exam will receive a visa for skilled foreign workers in Japan. The company aims to accept nearly 600 students per year.

A female student said, "It's a good opportunity. Because unlike job training institutions where we usually have to pay, we can study here for free with experienced teachers."

Japan has been accepting foreign workers with specific skills since 2019 to tackle a labor shortage.

Meanwhile, Indonesia is struggling with unemployment due to the coronavirus pandemic.

An official from Indonesia's labor ministry says the facility will not only increase the number of workers sent to Japan, but also improve their skills.

Indonesia's population is the fourth-largest in the world, at over 270 million people. Around 70 percent of them are working age, between 15 to 64.