Fukuoka police arrest man on suspicion of fatally stabbing ex-girlfriend

Police in the southwestern Japanese prefecture of Fukuoka have arrested a man on suspicion of fatally stabbing his former girlfriend.

Terauchi Susumu, a 31-year-old resident of Fukuoka City, was arrested on Wednesday.

Investigators suspect Terauchi fatally stabbed his 38-year-old former girlfriend Kawano Miki on a street near JR Hakata Station on Monday night.

Police say the victim had previously told them that she was being stalked by Terauchi. A restraining order was issued based on the anti-stalking law.

They also say officers had regularly patrolled around Kawano's residence to deter him from further stalking.

Police say they arrested Terauchi after obtaining multiple pieces of evidence including surveillance camera footage around the crime scene.