World's oldest person, French nun, dies aged 118

A French woman who had been recognized as the world's oldest living person has died at the age of 118.

Lucile Randon was born in 1904, according to the Guinness World Records.

After working as a teacher, she became a Catholic nun in 1944, taking the name of Sister Andre. She had since dedicated most of her life to religious service.

Randon tested positive for the coronavirus at age 116 in January 2021, but recovered in about three weeks.

She was recognized as the world's oldest living person in April last year following the death of Japanese woman Tanaka Kane.

French media are reporting that Randon died at a retirement home in southern France on Tuesday.

The Guinness World Records says that when she was born, Paul Cezanne was still painting and philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre had not even been born. It says recording her story has been an honor.