Japanese police question man following fatal stabbing of ex-girlfriend

Police in Fukuoka Prefecture, southwestern Japan, have begun questioning on a voluntary basis a former boyfriend of a woman who was fatally stabbed in Fukuoka City on Monday.

Kawano Miki, a 38-year-old company employee residing in Nakagawa City, was fatally stabbed by a man on a street near JR Hakata Station on Monday night.

Police say she had previously told them that she was being stalked by her 31-year-old former boyfriend. A restraining order was issued based on the anti-stalking law.

The man's whereabouts were unknown after the stabbing. But on Wednesday, police spotted him on a street in Fukuoka City and asked him to come voluntarily to the police station for questioning.

Police suspect he is involved in the case, based on images from a security camera near the crime scene.