Teachers from Gaza Strip observe peace education class in Hiroshima

Teachers from the conflict-ravaged Gaza Strip have visited an elementary school in the atomic-bombed city of Hiroshima to observe a peace education class.

Seven Palestinian teachers are currently in Japan at the invitation of the Japanese Foreign Ministry to learn about peace education. They visited Tenma Elementary School in Hiroshima on Wednesday.

In the class, fifth graders presented their views on stories of atomic-bomb survivors told by their teacher.

The students were told that one of the survivors lost her family in the bombing. She avoided family photos thereafter because she had taken one with her family shortly before the bombing.

The Palestinian teachers listened intently while taking notes.

They then spoke about their own experiences in Gaza. The teachers told the Japanese students that schools are destroyed and children are killed in Israel's attacks on Gaza, but they manage to keep classes going.

One of the students says he was impressed with how children in Gaza continue their studies despite such tragic experiences.

One of the Palestinian teachers, Ola Alaila, says the way the class was held was as if someone was conducting a symphony orchestra. She adds that when she returns to Gaza, she would like to ask her students about their thoughts on peace.

The Gaza Strip has been under an economic blockade by Israel. Repeated clashes between Israel's armed forces and the Palestinian Islamic group Hamas, which effectively controls the area, have resulted in many casualties of civilians and others.