Man arrested over money withdrawal from fake shopping site bank accounts

Tokyo police have arrested a man on suspicion of withdrawing money from bank accounts designated by a fake online shopping site for payment. The accounts are under other people's names.

The 33-year-old suspect, Liang Weijian, is an unemployed Chinese national living in Tokyo.

The police suspect Liang repeatedly withdrew cash totaling more than 770,000 yen, or about 5,900 dollars, from bank accounts under other people's names in August. He is suspected of theft.

The police said Liang has admitted to the allegations.
Investigators say a total of over 100 million yen had apparently been transferred to the banks accounts by shoppers.

The Japan Cybercrime Control Center, which investigates fraudulent websites, said about 10,000 fake websites are being newly confirmed in Japan every month.

To avoid becoming a victim, the center urges people who shop online to check whether the name of the account to which the money is paid matches that of the website operator. It also says people should beware if the site's products are extremely cheap compared with those of other websites.