Talks to revamp Nissan-Renault capital tie-up in final stages

Talks aimed at restructuring the capital relationship between Japan's Nissan Motor and its French partner Renault are said to have reached the final stages. Sources have told NHK that Renault has showed willingness to make concessions.

The French automaker currently holds 43 percent of Nissan's shares, while Nissan has a 15 percent stake in Renault. But Nissan is a non-voting shareholder and has been calling for a review of the partnership.

One sticking point in the negotiations has been technology patents. Nissan has been urging Renault not to provide third parties with patented technology such as next-generation batteries.

Sources say Renault showed its readiness to accept Nissan's argument for some patents.

The French government is a major shareholder in Renault. It sent a letter to the Japanese government stating its intention to accept the outcome of the capital relationship review.