Greta Thunberg briefly detained during German coal protest

Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg was detained at a massive protest in western Germany on Tuesday. She was reportedly released later in the day.

Thunberg was taking part in a protest against the demolition of the western German village of Luetzerath for the expansion of a coal mine.

Protesters have been gathering at a site where the expansion work is underway. They staged sit-ins on Tuesday.

Police began removing the demonstrators to prevent them from entering danger zones. Thunberg was carried away by three police officers.

The German government has been expanding coal-fired power generation as a temporary measure to break away from its dependence on energy from Russia.

Environmental groups and others are voicing criticism against the move, arguing that such expansion runs counter to measures against climate change.

Thousands of protesters marched to the village on Saturday, leading to clashes with police.