Germany names veteran politician as defense minister

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has chosen a veteran politician, Boris Pistorius, as the country's new defense minister following the resignation of his predecessor.

Scholz said on Tuesday that Pistorius will take over from Christine Lambrecht, who announced her resignation after facing strong criticism over her remarks about Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Pistorius is 62 years old. He has been interior minister in the northern state of Lower Saxony since 2013, and belongs to Scholz's ruling Social Democratic Party.

At a news conference, Scholz said Pistorius has a lot of experience in security policy and possesses the strength and calm needed for this great task.

The US and European nations are due to meet in Germany on Friday to discuss military support for Ukraine. Britain has already decided to provide battle tanks.

Analysts are waiting to see whether Germany also decides to offer tanks to Ukraine.