McDonald's Japan hikes prices for third time in a year

McDonald's Japan has hiked its restaurant prices for the third time in a year to cover the surging cost of raw ingredients.

The company raised prices by about 10 percent in yen terms on Monday. The change applies to roughly 80 percent of items on the menu, including the Big Mac, which is up by 40 yen to 450 yen, or three dollars and 50 cents.

The firm previously hiked its prices last September, and before that, last March.

NHK interviewed customers at a McDonald's in Tokyo's Ikebukuro district.

A man in 70s said that it was disappointing to see "prices suddenly go up again given they just went up a while ago".

A woman in her 20s said that "wages are not going up, but prices are." She said inflationary pressure is making life tough.

Some other major restaurant chains are also planning to raise their prices.