Saury seller faces higher prices, smaller catch

People in northern Japan's fishing industry are eyeing price hikes as they prepare this season's products. The sun-dried saury business is facing the problems of inflation and a subpar catch.

Onagawa is a port town in Miyagi Prefecture known for the fish. Workers at a company there began drying frozen saury in the sun this month in a process that adds flavor.

The port has been suffering from poor catches. The amount is almost at the same level as the previous season's record low.

High electricity and packaging costs have left the company with no choice but to raise the price of its saury by about 10 percent.

Yamahonbayfoods President Yamamoto Takeharu said that he and his employees are doing their best to meet the needs of customers across the country who want "the taste of Onagawa".

The company says the drying season finishes in late March.