Yellow Magic Orchestra drummer Takahashi Yukihiro dies at 70

Takahashi Yukihiro, co-founding member and drummer of electropop group Yellow Magic Orchestra, has died at 70.

Takahashi was born in Tokyo in 1952. He founded the group also known as YMO with Hosono Haruomi and Sakamoto Ryuichi in 1978. He is known as the composer of "Rydeen," one of the band's most popular tunes.

YMO pioneered the use of computers and electronic musical instruments, such as synthesizers, in pop music for a world audience.

The group drew international acclaim and performed at home and abroad until its breakup in 1983.

Takahashi's precise rhythms and simple, diverse drumming expressions were seen as the basis of the band's performance.

He was a man of various talents, who also worked as a fashion designer and established his own brand. He designed YMO's iconic red outfit which its members wore at concerts.

In August 2020, Takahashi made public that he underwent surgery for a brain tumor. He said at the time that he would try his best to recover so he could perform again in front of fans as soon as possible.

His agency said Takahashi died of aspiration pneumonia at his home on Wednesday.