Infant racers crawl to finish line in Miyagi Pref. family event

It was a heated race to the finish line at a family event hosted by a town in Miyagi Prefecture, northeastern Japan. But the racers were infants and the course was only three meters long.

Rifu Town organized the event for the first time to offer local families with small children an opportunity to meet each other.

More than 20 toddlers aged between seven months and 14 months and their parents from Rifu Town and the surrounding areas took part.

The toddlers were supposed to crawl for three meters to the finish line while their parents encouraged them with toys. But some of the racers began to cry, stopped or fell asleep at the half-way point.

But all the children were greeted with applause and cheers at the end of the race.

A local resident with an 8-month-old baby who managed to cross the finish line said they enjoyed the friendly atmosphere at the event.