Museum launches contest to name ancient 'cat head'

If you like history and cats, then officials at a museum in northeastern Japan have the perfect challenge: come up with a nickname for an ancient artifact that resembles a kitty's head.

The object is housed at Oyasuba Historic Park in Fukushima Prefecture. It measures about 6 centimeters wide and 5 centimeters high.

It was excavated 23 years ago at an archaeological site in the city of Koriyama, but enjoyed renewed attention on social media during a local exhibition four years ago.

Park officials say little is known about the object, except that it was made in the prehistoric Jomon period.

Curator Konuma Sakura even says it's unclear whether the artifact is actually meant to be a cat.

At the same time, she hopes the naming contest encourages people to take a deeper interest in local history.

The winning nickname will be announced on February 22.