India auto show opens, introducing new models of electric vehicles

India's largest auto show has opened near the capital, New Delhi. Carmakers introduced their latest electric vehicles, which are becoming increasingly popular on the world market.

More than 70 Indian and foreign companies are taking part in the Auto Expo that began on Friday.

As India is facing serious air pollution, the government plans to reduce exhaust gases by requiring that 30 percent of all passenger vehicles sold in the country be electric by 2030. The car market in India, which has a population of about 1.4 billion, is expected to expand further.

Maruti Suzuki, a subsidiary firm of Japanese maker Suzuki Motor, has the largest market share for passenger cars in India.

The company is displaying a new electric concept car. It says the SUV model can travel 550 kilometers on a single charge. The maker aims to put the car on sale by 2025.

South Korea's Hyundai Motor and India's Tata Motors are also showcasing their latest electric vehicles, hoping to impress visitors with their eco-friendliness.

Suzuki Motor President Suzuki Toshihiro said he thinks electric vehicles are one choice for customers, and that synthetic fuel and hydrogen are also options. He stressed the importance of thoroughly considering customers' needs.