Japan health ministry approves payout for deaths of 5 after COVID vaccinations

Japan's health ministry has approved lump-sum payments for the deaths of five people after they received coronavirus vaccinations. The ministry determined that a causal link between the vaccinations and the deaths of the recipients cannot be ruled out.

The ministry made the decision on Thursday based on the country's immunization law. Such payments have already been approved for the deaths of 15 people in their 20s to 90s.

The latest decision follows the deaths of five people aged 36 to 96. They died of acute heart failure, hemorrhagic shock and other causes after their immunizations.

Four of them reportedly had underlying conditions such as high blood pressure. The ministry says it could not deny a causal link between their deaths and the vaccinations, given the contents of their death certificates and clinical records.

The kinds of vaccines used and the number of vaccinations they received have not been disclosed.