Rice-themed complex opening in Tokyo

A major Japanese company is looking to reverse the trend of declining rice consumption in the country. The firm is opening a complex in Tokyo meant to help people see rice as more than just a dinner table staple.

Yanmar Holdings is operating six shops and restaurants in the same building that are all about rice.

One of them deals in varieties of brand-name rice from across Japan.
The store shows their levels of stickiness, texture, grain size and more on five-tier scales, allowing people to find just the type they are looking for.

Another shop is an Italian restaurant offering pasta made from rice flour. The grain is even on the dessert menu, with tiramisu that uses rice shochu liquor.

Yanmar Holdings director, Nagaya Akihiro, says that rice is the most eaten superfood in the world as it's packed with nutrients. He wants to help people gain an appreciation for rice and rice farming as well.

Nagaya says the number of rice farmers in Japan is also on the decline. He hopes the facility will provide new opportunities for them when it opens on Friday.