Taiwan shows media military drills simulating enemy landing

Taiwan's military has allowed media reporters to observe two-day drills that are intended to deter an enemy landing.

On Wednesday, an army unit in Kaohsiung, southern Taiwan, showed drills simulating some helicopter-borne Chinese special operation forces that descended on Taiwan and attacked a military base there. Those forces were assumed to have been conducting exercises on the coast of China's Fujian Province across the Taiwan Strait.

The Taiwanese military grasped the location of the invading forces by using drones before firing salvos from armored vehicles and helicopters.

On Thursday, also in Kaohsiung, the Taiwanese Navy showed a new domestically-built amphibious warfare vessel as well as amphibious landing craft and vehicles that the platform dock carries.

The amphibious ship is usually used to transport personnel and supplies to Taiwan's remote islands. In cases of armed conflict, it is to be mobilized to counterattack enemies that land on the main or remote islands of Taiwan.

China's military has been increasing activities around Taiwan involving aircraft and vessels. They said they held exercises on December 25 and last Sunday.

Opening the drills to media, Taiwan's military apparently aims to send a message that they are ready to respond to military threats from China, even during the Lunar Year holiday, which begins next week.