Brazil's security forces brace for further demonstrations

Security forces in Brasilia are bracing for large rallies by supporters of former President Jair Bolsonaro.

The Brazilian government says its intelligence indicates the supporters will hold demonstrations again across the country on Wednesday.

The security forces are setting up barricades on roads around the Congress building and the presidential palace.

About 4,000 people believed to be backers of Bolsonaro stormed and vandalized those buildings on Sunday. They smashed windows and destroyed equipment and documents. At least 727 were arrested.

Brazil's Supreme Court on Tuesday approved an arrest warrant for Anderson Torres, who was in charge of public security in the district where Sunday's riot occurred. He served as justice minister under the Bolsonaro administration.

On Wednesday, the court also ordered public institutions to take necessary measures to prevent disruptive acts, such as demonstrators blocking roads or storming public buildings.