China stops updating daily figures on coronavirus infections and deaths

Amid a surge in coronavirus infections, China's health authorities have not updated daily figures on infections and deaths since Sunday.

Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention had previously been posting daily updates on its website.

The Chinese government has said it would adjust data releases in accordance with the coronavirus situation. It also stated it plans to eventually reduce announcements to once a month.

The Chinese government on Sunday ended its "zero-COVID" policy, shifting from "infection prevention" to "vaccination and treatment."

Fears of rampant infections and the emergence of a new virus strain in China are growing as people start returning to their hometowns ahead of the Lunar New Year holidays that begin January 21.

World Health Organization emergencies director Michael Ryan on Wednesday told reporters, "We still believe that deaths are heavily underreported from China. And this is in relation to the definitions that are used."

Asked about countries tightening entry rules for arrivals from China, Ryan said, "We're not encouraging travel restrictions anywhere." But he added it's "understandable" countries have decided to take a precautionary approach in the absence of detailed data on infections in China.