JAXA officials reprimanded over experiment data tampering

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency has reprimanded three top officials for tampering with experiment data.

The experiment, led by astronaut Furukawa Satoshi, was carried out from 2016 through 2017.

It aimed to study the changes the human body undergoes due to the stress of living in an isolated environment.

Two researchers on the team were found to have rewritten data from the study.

JAXA sternly reprimanded President Yamakawa Hiroshi and Senior Vice President Suzuki Kazuhiro, and admonished Vice President Sasaki Hiroshi, on Tuesday.

The three have given up 10 percent of their salary for this month.

Yamakawa commented that he has failed in his responsibility as chief of a research institute to create an environment where researchers can carry out their studies fairly and responsibly.

Furukawa is scheduled to begin a long stay on the International Space Station as early as this year. He is set to hold a news conference on Thursday.