Warmer weather forecast across Japan toward weekend

Unusually warm weather is forecast across Japan toward the weekend, with spring-like temperatures.

The Meteorological Agency warns that people in areas with heavily accumulated snow should beware of melting that could lead to avalanches and swollen rivers.

It said a high pressure system is covering wide areas of Japan on Wednesday, bringing sunny weather to western and eastern Japan as well as the Pacific coasts of northern Japan.

The agency said from Thursday through Sunday, warm southerly air is expected to enter the atmosphere 1,500 meters above the ground, increasing the temperature there to about 10 degrees Celsius higher than normal.

Daytime highs in western and eastern Japan are expected to reach 15 to 20 degrees. The highs in northern Japan could also hit 10 degrees. These temperatures are usually seen from late March through early April.

A low pressure system is forecast over Japan on the weekend, bringing cloudy or rainy weather to western through eastern Japan. Snow may fall in mountainous areas in northern Japan.

In addition to possible natural disasters, the agency is urging people in areas with accumulated snow to be careful of snow falling from roofs and of possible accidents during snow removal.