Shallow waters spotted near stranded Japanese destroyer

Japanese Defense officials say a Maritime Self-Defense Force destroyer that is stranded in western Japan may have struck rocks, noting shallow waters were spotted nearby.

The Inazuma became unable to navigate near an island in Yamaguchi Prefecture just after noon on Tuesday. Defense officials say the incident occurred during a sea trial taken after the destroyer completed routine maintenance at a dockyard in Hiroshima Prefecture.

The MSDF said waters around seven meters deep were found near the ship's course. They noted that the maximum height of the Inazuma between its waterline and bottom is 11 meters, and said the ship's two propellers could not function normally.

The officials said the propellers may have struck rocks in shallow water after the ship veered off its regular route. They added that an investigation team will be established to determine the cause of the incident.

The vessel will be towed after the completion of necessary procedures, including an investigation by the Japan Coast Guard.