NHK submits budget and business plan for fiscal 2023 to government

NHK has submitted its fiscal 2023 budget and business plan to Internal Affairs and Communications Minister Matsumoto Takeaki. The plan features initiatives for improving the way NHK distributes reliable information regarding natural disasters, national security and local communities.

NHK's Board of Governors approved the budget and business plan in a vote on Tuesday. NHK President Maeda Terunobu handed them to the minister together with a revised corporate plan later in the day.

In the business plan, NHK vows to pursue a new identity to keep pace with the drastically changing media landscape. It also pledges to redouble its efforts to distribute reliable information to support the safety and security of people's lives.

NHK also plans to bolster the use of the internet. For example, the NHK Plus online video-streaming service will include the daily evening local news programs from all regional broadcasting stations.

NHK will eliminate one of its 2K satellite channels at the end of March 2024 to ensure the quality of its programs. Ahead of the change, a new 4K satellite channel and a new 2K satellite channel will be rolled out to coincide with a program reshuffle in December this year.

In a bid to give back the outcomes of its restructuring efforts to viewers, NHK will reduce receiving fees both for terrestrial and satellite channels by 10 percent, beginning in October.

The budget plan projects an operating income of 644 billion yen, or around 4.86 billion dollars, for fiscal 2023. That's down 340 million dollars from the previous financial year.

NHK says a shortfall of about 210 million dollars in operating income will be covered by carried-over funds saved through efficiency enhancement.

Speaking to reporters, Maeda said NHK has been implementing reforms on various fronts, and such efforts are bearing fruit. He added that he believes NHK is expected to play an even larger role in society as a public service media organization. He vowed to create a new NHK that is leaner and stronger.