Japanese breweries promote sake at Hong Kong trade fair

Japanese sake breweries are promoting their products at a trade fair in Hong Kong. It's the first in-person industry event since China eased coronavirus restrictions.

More than 100 participants from Japan, Australia, Britain and elsewhere are taking part in the event that opened on Tuesday.

The fair is being held as a stand-alone event for the first time in four years. It is organized by a Hong Kong trade promotion body.

At a pavilion representing Japan's southwestern prefecture of Fukuoka, six breweries made sales pitches, either in person or online.

Visitors can now sample drinks, which had been banned under previous restrictions.
A sake importer from Hong Kong says he has long been waiting for this day. He says his business suffered during the pandemic restrictions, but now he can meet people from breweries in person.

Sake makers are facing intensifying competition as the popularity of Japanese liquor is growing in Hong Kong.

An official of Fukuoka-based sake maker Shinozaki says producers should travel abroad to share their enthusiasm with business partners and customers.

The sake trade fair runs through Wednesday.