Whale in Osaka Bay for second day

A Japan Coast Guard vessel is monitoring a whale in Osaka Bay, western Japan, for a second straight day.

The Coast Guard said the 8-meter-long whale was about 400 meters from the mouth of the Yodo River on Tuesday. The water there is about 2 meters deep.

On Monday morning, officials received reports that a whale was spotted near the river mouth in the bay.

The officials said the whale on Tuesday was about 100 meters further offshore from where it was seen the previous day. They added that it was spouting water from time to time.

The Coast Guard plans to continue observing the whale if it stays near its current location on Wednesday, and to warn ships navigating in the area.
Dozens of people have gathered to watch the whale. A man in his 40s said he felt sorry for it, and that he hoped it could be taken to open sea.

Professor Emeritus Kato Hidehiro of Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology said whales rarely wander into shallow waters of Osaka Bay. Kato also said the likely sperm whale must have gotten lost after straying from its pod off southwestern Japan.