NHK poll: Kishida Cabinet approval rate falls to 33%

An NHK opinion poll shows that the approval rate for Prime Minister Kishida Fumio's Cabinet has fallen to 33 percent, down 3 points from last month. The disapproval rate rose 1 point to 45 percent.

More than 1,200 people responded to the telephone survey conducted from Saturday to Monday.

The approval rate of 33 percent was the lowest since the establishment of the Kishida Cabinet, and also the same as last November.

Among respondents to the poll who support the Cabinet, 44 percent said it seems better than other lineups, while 25 percent said it consists of political parties they support.

Of those who do not support the Cabinet, 51 percent said they do not expect much from its policies, and 28 percent said it lacks the ability to implement policies.

Seven percent said they support the Cabinet's handling of the coronavirus pandemic and 59 percent said they support it to some degree. But 24 percent said they think it has been poor and 6 percent said they don't support it at all.

Regarding the government's decision to step up border restrictions for travelers from mainland China, 37 percent said it was appropriate and 52 percent called for stricter measures. Six percent said there is no need to increase restrictions.

Asked if Kishida should be held responsible for the appointment of four Cabinet ministers who recently resigned, 33 percent said he should take full responsibility, while 38 percent said he is somewhat responsible.
Eighteen percent said he bears little responsibility, and 4 percent said he cannot be held responsible.

Responding whether they would support tax hikes to finance an increase in defense spending, 28 percent said yes, but 61 percent said no.

Forty-nine percent said the Lower House should be dissolved for a general election before such tax increases, while 35 percent said there is no need to do so.