Tokyo's Yamanote Line train services back to normal after renovation work

Train service on part of Tokyo's Yamanote Line resumed early Monday morning after large-scale renovation work was carried out at Shibuya Station over the weekend.

All of the approximately 540 trains operating on the outer loop of the Yamanote Line were stopped from Osaki to Ikebukuro stations via Shibuya. The suspension lasted from Saturday's first train through Sunday's last.

The number of trains on the outer loop running to other stations and those on the inner circle were heavily reduced.

The service change is believed to have affected some 530,000 people.

Thousands of workers took part in the fourth stage of the five-part renovation process over the weekend.

They rerouted the track for the Yamanote Line's outer circle and consolidated the platforms for the outer and inner loops into one.

The East Japan Railway Company says the renovation work was completed in the early hours of Monday and train services on both the outer and inner loops were back to normal starting with the first train.

The railway company has been renovating Shibuya Station since 2015 as part of a project to redevelop Shibuya, a bustling shopping and entertainment district in central Tokyo.

The company plans to carry out the last phase of the renovation work by March next year and complete the project in its entirety in about five years.