Expert: Japan, France, UK share same vision on Ukraine invasion, Indo-Pacific

A researcher at a French think tank says shared views about Russia's invasion of Ukraine and the security situation in the Indo-Pacific region have made Japan a valuable partner to France and Britain.

Valerie Niquet, a senior research fellow at the Foundation for Strategic Research, made the comments in an interview with NHK ahead of Japanese Prime Minister Kishida Fumio's visits to the two countries.

Niquet noted that Japan has followed the Western response to the invasion of Ukraine, imposing sanctions on Russia, accepting evacuees, and providing Kyiv with large amounts of financial support.

She said these efforts have been received positively in Europe, including in Ukraine.

Niquet said France and Britain in particular also share Japan's concerns about the Indo-Pacific, where China is increasing its assertiveness.

She said the two countries see Japan as an "absolutely essential partner for the stability of the Indo-Pacific."

Niquet said she expects the three countries to work together to address regional security challenges, including piracy and trafficking.

She also mentioned Kishida's aim to lobby for a nuclear-free world at the Group of Seven summit in Hiroshima in May.

She questioned whether France and other members would agree on the idea, as they remain committed to nuclear deterrence amid rising tensions with Russia and China.