Personal data of over 230 million Twitter users allegedly leaked

The personal data of more than 230 million Twitter users has allegedly been leaked from the social media platform.

Bloomberg and other media outlets reported that the leaked data contained the names and email addresses of politicians, journalists and bankers, among others.

Bloomberg quoted experts as saying the data leak occurred in 2021 due to a flaw in Twitter's software.

Media outlets reported that the database was posted on an online hacking forum. Some raised concerns that the leaked information could lead to hacking, phishing and other misuses.

Alon Gal, co-founder of Israeli cybersecurity consultancy Hudson Rock, was among the first to point out the data breach. He wrote on social media that the incident was one of the most significant leaks he has seen.

The US Federal Trade Commission, or FTC, has been keeping a closer watch over Twitter on how it manages personal data. Observers are focusing on what measures the social media giant will be taking while many workers, including engineers, were laid off or left the company after Elon Musk took ownership last October.