Biden unveils new immigration strategy

US President Joe Biden has announced a new border control measure to strictly crack down on undocumented migrants.

Biden announced the measure on Thursday as his country faces an influx of people trying to cross the US-Mexico border to enter the United States. Critics have been saying that Biden's border control policy is insufficient.

The administration says there were up to 9,000 undocumented migrant encounters on a single day last month.

The US has been implementing a program to immediately expel Venezuelans who cross the border illegally. Biden said the program will be expanded to cover illegal migrants from Cuba, Nicaragua and Haiti.

But Biden also wants to show that his administration is taking a different approach on illegal border crossings from his predecessor, Donald Trump.

He announced that the US will accept up to 30,000 people each month from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua and Venezuela if they meet certain requirements such as having a lawful sponsor in the US.