Japan's PM Kishida switches on G7 Hiroshima Summit countdown board

Japanese Prime Minister Kishida Fumio promised thorough preparations for the Group of Seven countries' summit that he will host in May, as a countdown board was set up at his office.

This year's G7 summit will be held from May 19 to 21 at a hotel in the city of Hiroshima, western Japan.

On Thursday, a digital countdown board showing the number of days leading up to the event was placed at the entrance of the prime minister's office.

The number "134" lit up as Kishida switched on the board, which is roughly 1.65 meters tall, one-meter-wide, and features the G7 Hiroshima Summit logo.

Kishida said he wants the summit to serve as a precious opportunity for him to have heart-to-heart talks with the other G7 leaders and to send clear visions and messages to the future.

The prime minister also said he wants to build up, day by day, preparations not only for the summit, but also for the future of Japan and the world.