Ukrainian FM Kuleba: Too early to negotiate with Russia

People in Ukraine have endured nine months of Russian attacks. Now, they have seen another barrage cut power to their homes. Their leaders say the Russians are guilty of war crimes.

Residents of the capital Kyiv endured a wave of missiles targeting residential buildings on Wednesday. The strikes left them without electricity. Even people in neighboring Moldova reported outages.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba has been taking cover in an underground shelter. He says the actions of Russian forces make the idea of any peace talks...."absurd." He added that leaders in Moscow are using negotiations as a "smokescreen" to continue their "aggression and terror."

Western countries have reinforced the Ukrainians with advanced weapons, including HIMARS rocket systems. That has put them back on the offensive and helped them recapture territory, including the industrial hub of Kharkiv.

However, pro-Russian authorities orchestrated "referendums" in four regions in the east. Then, President Vladimir Putin annexed Donetsk, Luhansk, Zaporizhzhia and Kherson.

Ukrainian troops have since reclaimed some areas, including the city of Kherson. Kuleba says they will continue to liberate territory to "save people from torture, from suffering, and from miserable life."

Russian troops have for months occupied Europe's largest nuclear plant, in Zaporizhzhia. They have launched missiles nearby, sparking fears of a catastrophe that could spread across the region. Authorities with Ukraine's state-run energy company have also weathered airstrikes and have been forced to switch off other power plants.