Taliban ban women from amusement parks in Kabul

The Taliban have banned women from entering amusement parks in Kabul. This is the latest move by the group to restrict women's rights.

A Ministry for the Propagation of Virtue and Prevention of Vice spokesperson discussed the matter with NHK on Saturday. The ministry monitors the activities of people in Afghanistan to make sure they are following the group's interpretation of Islamic laws.

The spokesperson said the ban took effect this month. The individual explained that women cannot enter amusement parks, even if they are with their children or other family members.

The spokesperson cited as a reason recent cases in which women were seen improperly wearing "hijab" scarves at amusement parks. Muslim women are supposed to cover their hair with the scarves in public places.

The number of visitors to one amusement park in central Kabul has plunged. The park was deserted on Saturday, and most of the rides were not working.

A female resident said she is not happy with the ban. She said she believes that, like men, women have the right to visit amusement parks. She also said she wants the ban to be lifted.

The Taliban have been tightening restrictions on women's rights since the group retook power in the country in August of 2021. Girls are currently prohibited from attending secondary schools.