Zelenskyy: 215 fighters released in prisoner swap

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy says 215 fighters have been released in a prisoner exchange with Russia.

Zelenskyy announced the prisoner swap in a video message on Thursday.

The deal with Russia is said to have been mediated by Turkey and other parties. This was reportedly the largest-ever prisoner swap between the two sides.

The president said, "This is clearly a victory for our state, for our entire society."

Zelenskyy said 108 members of the Azov battalion, who fought a fierce battle at a steel plant in Mariupol in the country's east, are among those who were liberated.

He said there were also police officers, border guards and 10 foreign nationals, including British and US citizens.

Ukraine says it released 55 Russians and one leader of a pro-Russian political party in exchange. The Russian side has issued no comment so far.

Some of the released fighters are reportedly in Turkey.

One released member who talked with Zelenskyy via a video link said, "Emotions are simply overwhelming," and expressed gratitude to the people of Ukraine and those who were involved in their return.