England's Football Association urges compensation for migrant workers in Qatar

England's Football Association has called for compensation for the families of migrant workers who were injured or killed while constructing World Cup infrastructure in Qatar.

Qatar will host the World Cup soccer finals that begin in November.

Human rights advocates have pointed out that foreign workers building stadiums and other facilities are dying under poor labor conditions, and are not being sufficiently compensated.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, England's Football Association said, "We continue to push for the principle of compensation for the families of migrant workers who have lost their lives or have been injured in construction projects."

It added, "We are pushing FIFA for an update on the compensation fund which has been consistently referenced as a safety net where workers and their families have been unable to secure compensation from the construction companies."

On Tuesday, Amnesty International and other human rights groups issued a statement urging national football associations to press FIFA and the Qatari government to provide compensation.