Taiwan reports Chinese drones crossing median line in Taiwan Strait

Taiwan's defense ministry says unmanned Chinese military aircraft have frequently entered its airspace since earlier this month.

The ministry said 38 Chinese aircraft were detected around Taiwan on Wednesday. It added that 17 of these had flown to the east of the median line in the Taiwan Strait and into its southwestern air defense identification zone.

Many of them were fighter jets, but three unmanned aircraft, including a TB-001 and a BZK-005, were among those detected.

Taiwan's defense ministry has detected six types of unmanned aircraft so far.

The pro-Beijing Hong Kong paper Ta Kung Pao says operating various types of unmanned aircraft shows that China's army, navy and air force regard the Taiwan Strait as a priority training zone, and that practical training is becoming more and more diverse.

Flights of Chinese fighter jets and other military aircraft across the median line in the Taiwan Strait have become frequent since a high-profile visit to Taiwan by US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in August.