6 reported killed in hijab protest in Iran

Iranian people are taking to the streets to protest the death of a young woman who was arrested over how she wore her headscarf, or hijab. Local media have reported six people died in the demonstration.

The casualties include a member of the security forces after demonstrators clashed with riot police and security forces. Many others are reportedly injured.

Twenty-two-year-old Mahsa Amini died last Friday while in custody in Tehran. While police say she died of a heart attack, protesters believe she was beaten by police.

In Iran, it is mandatory for women to cover their hair with a headscarf in public places. Over the past few months, the conservative Raisi government has been intensifying a crackdown on violators.

Experts say the protests are sparked not only by the clampdowns, but due to growing anger toward the government for its response to economic sanctions imposed by the United States.

The Iranian government is restricting the use of social media in a bid to bring the situation into control.