Japan's police chief inspects venue for Abe's state funeral

Japan's National Police Agency chief has inspected the venue of the upcoming state funeral for former Prime Minister Abe Shinzo, ordering all officers to ensure full security for the ceremony.

National Police Agency Commissioner General Tsuyuki Yasuhiro visited Nippon Budokan in Tokyo's Chiyoda Ward on Wednesday.

Abe's state funeral will be held at the site next Tuesday.

The event will be the first large-scale operation based on renewed police security guidelines to protect VIPs. The agency reviewed the guidelines following the fatal shooting of Abe in July.

The police agency has been tasked with drawing up a detailed security plan based on potential dangers in areas surrounding the funeral venue.

Tsuyuki said after the inspection that security at the time of the funeral must take into account possible attacks by international terrorists, as many foreign dignitaries will be taking part. He said the police will do their utmost to secure their safety based on appropriate plans.

A headquarters will be set up at the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department on the day of the funeral to oversee security in many parts of Tokyo. Traffic restrictions will be imposed on roads in the venue's neighborhood as well as expressways.