China asks cooperation from US business sector to address issues

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has called for the US business sector to help address pending bilateral issues through dialogue.

Wang met representatives from US business organizations on Monday in New York.

He said the China-US relationship is at a low ebb since the establishment of diplomatic ties, and many people are concerned that the two countries are entering a new Cold War.

Wang also said China's attitude of continuing to strengthen economic and trade cooperation between the two countries is certain.

He added that the two sides should hold talks instead of confronting each other and negotiate instead of coercing each other.

Wang argued that China-US cooperation can accomplish many important tasks that are beneficial to both countries and the world.

But he said that in order to do so, the two sides should abide by the One-China principle.

His remarks are believed to show Beijing's wish to improve ties with Washington, as the two sides remain at odds over Taiwan and other issues.