Malaysia pushes for review of ASEAN peace plan for Myanmar

One of the top diplomats of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations says the bloc may need to rethink its approach to the situation in Myanmar before its leaders meet for a summit in November. This comes as the current five-point peace plan is making little progress.

Malaysian Foreign Minister Saifuddin Abdullah made the remark on Monday after meeting with ministers of Myanmar's pro-democracy shadow government. He also met with parliamentary organizations from ASEAN and Europe.

Saifuddin said ASEAN must seriously review whether its current plan is still relevant, or should be replaced with something better.

ASEAN leaders reached the Five-Point Consensus last year. It calls for an immediate stop to the violence and the appointment of a special envoy to mediate dialogue.

Saifuddin first raised the idea of scrapping the plan in July, after four people were executed, including a close aide to Aung San Suu Kyi. The minister said the junta had "made a mockery" of the plan.

Saifuddin is the only ASEAN minister to meet publicly with members of the shadow government. Myanmar's junta has made multiple objections, saying such actions amount to "abetting terrorism."