People continue to pay respects to late Queen Elizabeth after funeral

British citizens continue to pay their respects to the late Queen Elizabeth a day after her state funeral.

The funeral was held at Westminster Abbey in central London on Monday. Her coffin was laid to rest next to her late husband Prince Philip at St. George's Chapel of Windsor Castle, near London. The castle was her home in her later years.

On Tuesday, the castle was quiet. People visited from time to time to lay flowers at its walls.

A couple from northeastern England said they could not come to the castle the previous day. They also said they thought the best thing they could do after the funeral was to come on Tuesday morning and pay their respects to the great monarch.

An estimated 250,000 mourners joined the queue to see the queen lying in state at Westminster Hall between last Wednesday and Monday morning.

Monday was designated as a holiday. The funeral and procession to Windsor Castle were shown live on screens at parks and other locations across the country, allowing people to say farewell to the queen, who served the nation for 70 years.

Opinion polls show that fewer people think the country should continue to have a monarchy. King Charles faces the challenge of reigning with the inherited tradition and trust the late queen built up over many years.