Hitachi to scale back locations

Hitachi is planning to reduce the amount of its office space in the Tokyo metropolitan area, while allowing more employees to telework.

The Japanese industrial conglomerate expects that only around half its workers will need to show up at work even after the coronavirus pandemic is over.

Several of roughly 40 locations in the capital region belonging to Hitachi and its group firms will be consolidated. The goal is to reduce total office space by 20 percent by fiscal 2024.

Hitachi's IT systems will be bolstered to handle over 120,000 workers accessing its in-house networks simultaneously from home and elsewhere. That means quadrupling the pre-pandemic capacity.

Some locations will also be revamped. Spaces that encourage communication among employees and booths for online meetings will be created.

Many other Japanese businesses have been scaling back their physical workspaces.

Electronics firm Fujitsu is planning to cut its office space by half. Telecom giant NTT East moved out of its 57,000-square-meter office in Tokyo in March.