Russian pop star criticizes Ukraine invasion

A popular Russian singer has posted a social media message criticizing her country's invasion of Ukraine.

Alla Pugacheva posted the message on Instagram on Sunday, asking Russia's government to designate her as a "foreign agent." People registered as such agents must undergo annual audits by Russian authorities.

Pugacheva said she is in solidarity with her husband whom she calls a true patriot who wants his country to flourish in peace with freedom of speech, and an end to children's dying for illusory goals.

Her comedian husband, Maxim Galkin, opposes the invasion. He was declared a foreign agent last Friday.

Pugacheva is best known for her hit song "Million Scarlet Roses" and is particularly popular among senior citizens.
President Vladimir Putin awarded her a medal of honor in 2014 and sent her birthday congratulations.

The singer's message is drawing praise and support at home and abroad.