Officials still urge evacuation after Emergency heavy rain warning downgraded

An emergency heavy rain warning for Miyazaki Prefecture in southwestern Japan has been downgraded to a warning. But Japanese weather officials are still urging people to remain alert for flooding and landslides due to severe tropical storm Nanmadol.

Japan's Meteorological Agency held a news conference on Monday. Kurora Ryuta said that the Honjo River, flowing through Miyazaki Prefecture, remains at a high level. Kurora said soil is still accumulating a lot of water and slopes could collapse even though the rain has stopped.

He urged people in the prefecture to continue taking shelter while local governments issue landslide alert information.

Kurora said Nanmadol has become much weaker after it moved over land and took a more eastward course than initially expected.

But he said western and eastern Japan may be affected through Tuesday due to heavy rain and violent winds.